Battersea Power station


#Battersea Power Station was built in the 1930s and it ceased generating electricity in 1983, but over the past 50 years it has become one of the best known landmarks in #London. The station’s celebrity owes much to numerous cultural appearance , which include a shot in #The Beatles’ 1965 movie #Help!. It is also being used in the cover art of #Pink Floyd’s 1977 album #Animals. In the 90 it was location for numerous rave parties.

The new plan is turning the Station in a residential complex.

CFNG Shooting day

Shooting the ad forIndustrialStrange™ Co. Clothing For a Noisy Generation. For the love of #rave and #techno… — with Christopher Chuky and Dario Angelo Mc Cormick.

CFNG shooting

Christopher Chucky, Fernando De Franceschi and Dario Angelo Mc Cormick

CFNG shooting

Dario Angelo Mc Cormick and Claudette Fruchier

CFNG shooting

Fernando De Franceschi

CFNG shooting

Kirill Proskura


Stefano Fabi


Kirill Poskura and Fernando De Franceschi


Dario Mc Cormick


Christopher Chukuy


Fernando De Franceschi and Stefano Fabi



CFNG shooting

Dario Mc Cormick